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I came into this looking to critique this because it caught my eye, but I can't give a very balanced critique here at all! I was nitpic...

This is a decent model as far as Five Nights at Fredy's OC renders go. The thing is though, that FNaF characters are such simple, basic...




Lumdrop's Profile Picture
Charlie Underwood
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

Yo homies!

I'm a graphic designer with a wide skill set ranging from:
  • pencil and ink
  • watercolor
  • PhotoShop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Zbrush

I specialise in cartooning and setting design and I bring my classical study of art theory and philosophy into my art, always attempting to keep a "hand drawn" feel to everything I do, no matter how digital I get.
My subject matter tends towards a spiritual, conservative philosophy and I make no apologies for it.

I look forward to getting to know and getting to work with as many artists as I can, and I'm always looking to improve at my craft.

You can call me by my first name, Charlie, if you want.
In fact, I kinda prefer that :/

The most common place to find me active is Twitter! Follow → @LoloLumdrop
Also, I'm on Tumblr -->
There's Facebook too if you like! -->
Also, Pixiv (for you multilinguists) →

Most importantly, find me here! I'm "Anonymous", look for me!

Add me on everything (^-^)

Lumdrop Λυμδροπ لمدروب ラムドロップ למדרוף

Interact Stamp + Plz by UnicornReality
Ok so it's been a long time and we have a lot to talk about.

First off, let me just say a quick hi to all the newfriends who've shown up in my semi-hiatus. My name is Lumdrop and I do cartooning!
My main focus here is art for my coming webcomic Chlorofields.

Into the Wilderness by Lumdrop
Chlorofieldsjungle by Lumdrop

Chlorofields is set on a continent which is saturated by fierce, dense jungle and wilderness. The plants grow out of control. Any attempts at civilization are targets for the plant world to try and smother out (almost as if the jungle is a rational, conscious being).

Rishi, Say Hi by LumdropQazmids by Lumdrop

Speaking of rational, there are also fully rational plant people who interact with the non-plant inhabitants of the continent.

The main types being:
  • Albi- passive-aggressive flower girls who despise humans
  • Qazmids- mischeivous weeds that "hatch" from rocks

The Olden Days by Lumdrop

In this jungle, there are volunteer "soldiers" (mostly in name only) called Langilites. These are glorified gardeners, who travel around the continent, tending to the plants around establishments of civilization in order to keep them tame. Lolo and Mellalu (above) are two of them! Or were are... it's complicated!

Mellawall by Lumdrop

The main character is Mellalu, a Tidri, who doesn't know what a Tidri is because she never met anyone else of her type. She is a writer with a love for traveling and lives with Lolo, the green haired shmuck above.
The comic begins, bogged down with debt, the two of them had to settle down and "get real jobs". But who knows if an opportunity to change that isn't right around the corner.

Mellalu, like all other talking animal characters in Chlorofields, has a prehensile tail which she uses as a hand. The tails on her head (they aren't ears) function the same way!
This sets Tidris apart from the others.


So as most of you know, I've been working on this for a few years, but I finally feel like it's ready.
I've even began doing page roughs!

Chloropanel by Lumdrop

I'm planning to do a weekly release once I get enough pages finished, and I'm very comfortable with saying that this will be, at latest, July!
It's been a long time coming but it'll be up and running soon! I have a ton of art that I haven't posted and I wish I could because I've been pretty inactive (mostly because of almost all my art being private lately), but I hope the pages will have been worth the wait!

So that about sums everything up. I hope that you newfriends and old faces like what you see!
Pleased to meet you, and long time no see!


Chlorofields will begin on July 14th.
Mark your calendars!
Draw tons, get faster
Draw faster, get more ambitious
Get more ambitious, add more detail
More detail, art takes longer

Vicious cycle
Motivation is a discipline and it's all under your control.
I'm feeling motivated today.
Enthusiasm levels: 80%
Squeamishness: 60%
Sweatiness: ~2%

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